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Access Denied is a simple, but effective security program for Windows ® 95/98/ME. (See here for Access Denied for Windows ® 2k/XP.) It allows you to lock out unauthorized use of your computer. While away from your computer, you can rest easy knowing Access Denied is reliably protecting your computer and data. Also Access Denied can save your laptop or desktop PC from thiefs.

Mark Hodges speaks highly of the effectiveness of Access Denied:

"I just want to tell you how happy I have been with your program. My company gave me a laptop 3 weeks ago and after a week I found your program and tried it out. I also disabled the boot from diskette in the BIOS and password protected the BIOS. The very next week while on a business trip my laptop was stolen from the hotel. Two days later I received a call from the police that they had found my laptop in the garbage can. They think that because the thief could not access the hard drive to format it, he threw it out because he would have to buy a new hard drive for it. Unfortunately the thief destroyed the laptop trying to figure out how to clear the BIOS, but my hard drive and data was fine. As soon as I get a new laptop I am going to purchase your product and encourage my company to buy it as well.."

Access Denied can very effectively lock unauthorized access. So, while travelling be sure to use Access Denied and you can save your Laptop computer.

How it works

While away from your computer, anyone can open, read and change your files and emails. With Access Denied installed, upon startup, your computer will request a valid username and password or simple password, and if an invalid username and or password are entered, your computer will deny access to the user.

Also, Access Denied beginning with version 3.0 includes Screen Guard, which allows you to instantly hide your desktop and lock out your PC by using a hot key or mouse click. The locked screen will ask for the same username and password as in the boot access. You can integrate Screen Guard with your screen saver and the desktop will be protected every time you are away from your computer and the screen saver is active.

You can also add usernames and passwords for trusted users on your computer. Access Denied keeps a log of every access to your computer so you know who and when a user was last on your machine. The prompt can be set to request only a password without a username. This mode is designed if only you use your computer.

All attempts to access the computer or the Administrator program are logged and show username or password used and what date and time the attempt took place. The log also uses colors to indicate the importance of the message, and the number of potential attempts to violate the system.

For example, if you check the log files in the morning and you see many red messages indicating that someone tried many different username and password combinations, it means that someone tried to access your system without your permission. Since the time is also indicated, you may also be able to determine who was trying to access your system so that stronger security measures can be implemented

How protection is strong

Unlike other security programs, Access Denied can't be bypassed by boot keys F4, F8, etc. These keys call the boot menu or previous version MS-DOS ® in Windows ® 95/98 giving access to the system. It may be enough to just use the option "No Boot Keys" from the submenu "Security". Nevertheless it is highly recommended that the boot from diskette be disabled and also set a password in the hardware BIOS. Detailed instructions of how to do this are available in the program documentation. If anybdy can boot Windows ® in command mode from diskette, he(she) can read and change files on the hard drive.

Screen Guard eliminates some security holes in standard Windows ® 95/98 screen savers. Access Denied passwords can't be deciphered. Windows ® screen saver password can be easily decrypted. In some earlier versions of Windows ® the screen saver password can be bypassed by autoplayed CD disk. Screen Guard also can protect you from it by locking of CD-ROM door while your desktop is locked.

Access Denied is try-before-you-buy software(full version available only for $19.95 USD),
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