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Active Whois is an extremely powerful WHOIS client. It enables you to locate any IP adress and domain name owner, easily to find the country of origin, to trace the IP address to domain name and the domain name to IP adress, all with just one click! We welcome you to download and try it for free to determine whether it meets your needs. In the unlikely event you're unhappy the program, just uninstall it and you've lost nothing. If you in fact enjoy the program and use it frequently, please purchase the full version to help to support the addition of more advanced features in future versions of ActiveWhois.

Purchasing the full version of Active Whois is simple by using service of
PayPro Global
Easy way is online order through your credit or debit card and security HTTP protocol however you can order by fax. Pay Pal and the major online payment services are accepted too.
Accepted VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover! Click here for immediate purchase Powered by RSA Data Security

    Please specify your correct e-mail address on the order form, If you do not receive your product license within a reasonable amount of time (usually two business days for credit card payments or up to two weeks for other payments), please notify us.  

Single license
$19.95 USD
2 licenses
$36.00 USD
3-9 licences, each for
$14.00 USD
10-24 licences, each for
$10.00 USD
25-49 licences, each for
$7.00 USD
From 50 licences, each for
$4.00 USD
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