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Active Whois icon Active Whois

ActiveWhois is an easy-to-use network tool for Windows you can use to find out any information about the owners of any IP address or Internet domain. You can determine the country, personal and postal addresses of the owner, and/or user of domain and IP addresses. This cutting-edge technology allows ActiveWhois users to explore DNS aliases as well as simultaneously display both the domain and IP address information. Unlike other WHOIS clients, Active Whois does not require special skills to determine the desired information. Its unique WHOIS-hyperlink feature allows you to explore domain databases easily as browsing the web.

ActiveWhois enables you to investigate any web site, even international top level domains (eg. .IT, .DE, .TM, etc.) and find its ownership details, such as where the site is hosted, all with just a single click! ActiveWhois will find information from approximately 190+ different WHOIS servers worldwide. It is able to dynamically determine the correct server based on replies from other WHOIS servers so Active Whois already supports a new global domains(new gTLD). We are continuously expanding the range of whois search. Because Active Whois provides direct links to the domain registrars for each country, you can check status for and register domains easily. This feature saves your time and is a great convenience, especially if you're seeking to acquire domain in .MD .TV .CC or others ccTLD

Trust, But Verify
Internet Marketers! Check your orders with ActiveWhois
By protecting your from FRAUD:
Active WHOIS can save you money!

ActiveWhois is also a great tool in the fight against fraud! If you're involved in e-commerce over the internet, ActiveWHOIS allows you to research any suspicious purchaser which can prevent you from being defrauded. For example, if the IP address of your customer is from China, but the postal address and credit card information are of "U.S." origin, there is a strong chance the transaction is fraudulent. You've avoided the potential loss which occurs when the Credit Card's real owner executes a chargeback against you! If you're an internet shopper, you can look up important information about that suspicious internet shop before you give them your credit card details, preventing you from being the next victim of fraud. Hackers frequently set up fake web shops just to steal your credit card numbers!

Guide to track of emails
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Abridge Insert icon Abride Insert

     Using keyboard shortcuts combinations, Abridge Insert allows you to fast insert frequently-used text templates into any application, such as a word processors, email programs, tables, IDEs, etc. AbridgeInsert can also add up to 10 extra clipboard entries for the exchange of text and graphics among applications.
     Abridge Insert provides a set of hotkeys (CTRL+ALT+F1 for example,) each of which, when pressed, will insert its assigned text into the current application. The number of key combinations to which text can be assigned is limited only by the number of keys available. However you can create many different sets (ie WordSets) of hotkey/text pairs for different applications such as C/Delphi coding, HTML editing, form filling, email templates, etc.
     Abridge Insert can assist in the filling of forms, provide text templates for e-mail messages, HTML, etc. AbridgeInsert provides a solid keyboard-based interface which helps you to edit text without requiring the use of the mouse.
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Access Denied icon Access Denied

    Access Denied is a simple, but effective security program for Windows ® 95/98/ME. (See here for Access Denied for Windows ® 2k/XP.) It allows you to lock out unauthorized use of your computer. While away from your computer, you can rest easy knowing Access Denied is reliably protecting your computer and data. Also Access Denied can save your laptop or desktop PC from thiefs.

Mark Hodges speaks highly of the effectiveness of Access Denied:

     "I just want to tell you how happy I have been with your program. My company gave me a laptop 3 weeks ago and after a week I found your program and tried it out. I also disabled the boot from diskette in the BIOS and password protected the BIOS. The very next week while on a business trip my laptop was stolen from the hotel. Two days later I received a call from the police that they had found my laptop in the garbage can. They think that because the thief could not access the hard drive to format it, he threw it out because he would have to buy a new hard drive for it. Unfortunately the thief destroyed the laptop trying to figure out how to clear the BIOS, but my hard drive and data was fine. As soon as I get a new laptop I am going to purchase your product and encourage my company to buy it as well.."

     Access Denied can very effectively lock unauthorized access. So, while travelling be sure to use Access Denied and you can save your Laptop computer.

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Access Denied
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Access Denied XP icon Access Denied XP

     Access Denied XP is security program for Windows 2000/XP (See here for Access Denied for Windows ® 9x/ME.). It allow you to set up password to computer for prevent unauthorized use of your PC and to protect your private information. With Access Denied XP you can lock your desktop by mouse click easily like hotkey and you will be sure what no one use your computer and see your vital files. However if some one will try to gain access to your computer, Access Denied XP shield will save these attempts to log files and you can see intruder's stabs. To be warned are same to be armed. Access Denied XP can keep in log files programs which user starts so you will know that other people are doing on your computer, for example: did your children work in text editor, use internet or they just had games all time.

     Access Denied XP also allows you to easy auditing your Windows accounts. With Access Denied XP you can easily detect accounts with empty passwords because usernames are colored like log files. So you can notice about account privileges painless as you can change it. Access Denied XP use standard Windows user/password information so your current passwords will work with Access Denied XP. Moreover, you can still use Windows logon screen, in this case Access Denied XP will keep log of computer usage. Access Denied XP also allows you to disable CTRL+ALT+DEL to prevent Task Manager so users can't stop special applications.

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Access Denied XP
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