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Active Whois is an easy-to-use network tool for Windows you can use to find any information about the owners of IP address or Internet domain. You can determine the country, personal and postal addresses of owner, and/or user of IP address and domains. This cutting-edge technology allows ActiveWhois users to explore DNS aliases as well as simultaneously display both the domain and IP address information. Unlike other WHOIS clients, Active Whois does not require special skills to determine the desired information. Its unique WHOIS-hyperlink feature allows you to explore domain databases easily as browsing the web.

Active Whois is a very nice program-there are a lot of freeware and online whois lookups, but for me the combination of functions and display in your app is worth paying for. I do a lot of work for non-profits, and being able to look up "org" domains without having to log onto a web site whois is a bonus for me (the freeware whois apps I've tried don't seem to find "org's" very well, if at all; and as well, they sometimes return no info at all even when they can find a domain). So, nice program, nice job, thanks!
Roger Hamstra (SilkPurseGraphics)

Active Whois enables you to investigate any web site, even international top level domains (eg. .IT, .DE, .TM, etc.) and find its ownership details, such as where the site is hosted, all with just a single click! ActiveWhois will find information from approximately 190+ different WHOIS servers worldwide. It is able to dynamically determine the correct server based on replies from other WHOIS servers so Active Whois already supports a new global domains(new gTLD). We are continuously expanding the range of whois search. Because Active Whois provides direct links to the domain registrars for each country, you can check status for and register domains easily. This feature save your time and is a great convenience, especially if you're seeking to acquire domain in .MD .TV .CC or others ccTLD

Active Whois is also able to be used in offline mode. All of your completed WHOIS requests will be saved to disk and can be instantly retrieved without the need for a live internet connection. Active Whois support a themes. You can customize his look by creating your own theme. If your network is behind a firewall, ActiveWhois is able to provide support for SOCKS5 proxy servers. The NetStat feature allows you to check who is connected to your computer instantly. ActiveWhois provides you with a useful tool for the investigation of hacker attacks, sources of spam (unsolicited commercial email), suspicious websites or even nicknames used for IRC/Instant Messenger/chat.

I use ActiveWhois everyday in my hosting business. It is an invaluable tool to help me to very quickly find all available information about a domain or IP address. It's also handy in combatting spam or finding the source of deceptive emails. No more need to visit several websites and then compile all that information. ActiveWhois brings it all together into one extremely handy utility!
Kenneth R. Casey (SpellBounDesign)
Trust, But Verify
Internet Marketers! Check your orders with ActiveWhois
By protecting you from FRAUD:
ActiveWhois can save you money!

ActiveWhois is also a great tool in the fight against fraud! If you're involved in e-commerce over the internet, ActiveWhois allows you to research any suspicious purchaser which can prevent you from being defrauded. For example, if the IP address of your customer is from China, but the postal address and credit card information are of "U.S." origin, there is a strong chance the transaction is fraudulent. You've avoided the potential loss which occurs when the Credit Card's real owner executes a chargeback against you! If you're an internet shopper, you can look up important information about that suspicious internet shop before you give them your credit card details, preventing you from being the next victim of fraud. Hackers frequently set up fake web shops just to steal your credit card numbers!

Currently, we use a free program called Sam Spade. However, this program can be cumbersome to use, in some instances, and the does not readily supply data that is easily understandable by our more novice members. On the other hand, your program provides very detailed site information that is easily accessed with one click.
Robert Brewer (volunteer member of on-line victim support group)

It's really very simple to obtain information about any website. If you're browsing a website and you wish to know the background information relating to the site, just click on the ActiveWhois icon in Internet Explorer's Standard Button Bar. Active Whois will retrieve the address automatically from the browser and present the information to you in mere seconds. For Mozilla FireFox you need to install plug-in. Active Whois add-on for Google Chrome is available too.
     You can also simply copy (CTRL-C) any URLs such as from any browser or program and paste it (CTRL-V) into ActiveWhois' Find field. In addition you can lookup an IP address or e-mail address. Because ActiveWhois performs a "reverse lookup" the domain name and IP address information will be presented simultaneously!

When a search is completed, the following reports will be displayed:
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